Hearts of Iron IV Update

I do not play Hearts of Iron IV nearly as much as I would like.

It is a great game. I look forward to writing a formal review on this site, as it will give me more play time.

In today’s development diary, Paradox discusses the upcoming changes to the 1.4 update to the game.

The feature I am most excited about is licenses.

Part of my problem with strategy games, is that I am a completionist.

I always feel pressure to upgrade everything. Often, it gets me behind in other areas of the game.

With the ability to acquire licenses to build tech that other countries developed, it will lessen the load.

Most importantly, as someone from Co-op Arkade should note, this further improves the cooperative play. More coordination and teamwork can be used to strategically research tech that can help your allies.

There are a few other upgrades, such as improving the AI in Africa and re-working graphics to better visually define terrain features.

You can view more details here.

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