FS17 Let’s Play series on Le Bout Du Monde

I decided to start off with my favorite map from the Mod Contest for Farming Simulator.

There were many good maps, but I decided to start with Le Bout Du Monde.

It is a smaller map, with smaller fields, but I felt right at home.

The PDA Map

I’m using the outstanding seasons mod. I cannot stress enough how much of a game changer this mod is.

I decided to do something a little different this game and start with animals.

I sold off my combine early, thinking that I can just lease one in the fall.

After a few more episodes, I’ll write up a well thought out plan for purchases and other thoughts I have for the map.

Each season, I plan on doing a year end review, but other than those, I do not plan on writing much about the map.

I’m have a lot of fun logging my narrative through video.  I have always been fascinated by games with stories, and I feel a nice little story shaping up through my videos.

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