Dawn of War 3 Review

Short and Sweet

The gamers I know typically read multiple review and are just looking for another opinion.

In this type of review, I assume you already know about the game. I won’t waste your time talking about every feature or game concept since you probably already know them.

I will list things I like, things I don’t like and give some final thoughts, because I know that is what most people are after anyway.

If I had bought Dawn of War 3 from Steam, I would have requested a refund and never looked back.  As it was, I went with the cheaper Green Man Gaming VIP discount of 25% off, but with no refunds once the key is activated.

I was so sure about this game! I love playing Company of Heroes 1 and 2, and the original Dawn of War.

Dawn of War 3 was said to be returning back to large scale combat, while keeping the champions from Dawn of War 2.

If you are looking for the feel of the original game, you will be severely disappointed, as I was.

I will skip the single player only campaign for the review. It is about what you may expect for a RTS game.
Dawn of War 3 Review

Dawn of War 3 Review

To win a match, your team must destroy the enemy Power Core, which is protected by turrets and shield generators.  The map is symmetrical on both sides and there is brush you can hide in.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, Dawn of War 3 plays like a MOBA, only in this one, you control the minions and get three champions instead of one

Dawn of War 3 is not bad, I just had to change my expectations.

As soon as I understood it was a MOBA, I started enjoying the game.

In the course of 3 online matches, I went from wanting to uninstall to having a blast.


Dawn of War 3 Review

Elite Selection

I love games that give you things to do outside the game. Dawn of War 3 has plenty of that.

You can enter battle with only 3 elites, but select them from a large list.

There are also doctrines you can unlock as you gain experience.

Dawn of War 3 Review


They add small benefits and can really help supplement your play-style.

Inside the game, there is much variance between the three races the game ships with.

You really must adjust tactics depending on who you are playing with, and against.

Normally I don’t talk about graphics, but the battles here are so spectacular, it is worth mentioning.

Dawn of War 3 also has an army painter, which really helps make you feel unique entering battle.

Dawn of War 3 Review

Army Painter

Cooperative Play

This is a huge positive for the game. I get the same feelings as when I play League of Legends.

Working together with your team is a huge must.  Just like in any MOBA, getting caught out of position, or trying to push too far when the enemies are all MIA will see you dead.

If you get an Elite killed at the wrong time, it can mean game over as they quickly push down mid to your power core.

You don’t have to have 2 buddies on Teamspeak while playing the game, but oh what a dream!


Dawn of War 3 Review

Locked Features

Customization is a huge part of playing the real tabletop version of Warhammer 40K.


I really do not like how you must level up your Elites to unlock certain things.

I want to play my way, but I cannot out of the box.

Also, the control interface seemed clunky at times.  It has the standard feature where when you hover over something, it gives you details, only several times, it got stuck and I had to press escape to exit.

It would not be a huge problem, except for it happens often in the middle of a chaotic battle where when I go to press TAB and cycle to a different unit, in order to use a special ability, it wouldn’t work because of the darn detail screen.

Dawn of War 3 Review

Exhibit A

This brings me to my final complaint.

Big battles are a mess.

See Exhibit A.

Can you tell me what is happening?

The graphics make for amazing screenshots and fun replays, but it can be a bit annoying during the game.

At times, I felt like they just tried to make the game as cool as possible to get little kids away from consoles so they could beg their mom to buy this awesome PC game.  “Look at all the explosions, Mom!”

Dawn of War 3 Review Final Thoughts

I have seen some talk about Elites being too powerful, or that this game lacks strategy.

Elites are not too powerful, because I see them as champions. Dawn of War 3 is a MOBA, and if you play the game as a MOBA, they are exactly as powerful as they should be.

There is still lots of strategy in Dawn of War 3, but it is just delivered in a different format.

I would advise buying this game if you were looking at it because you enjoy RTS games. It does not feel like an RTS at all.  Dawn of War 3 plays like a MOBA with RTS elements installed on the side.  If you want something that feels like a traditional RTS, check out Steel Division.

If you have a couple of buddies to play this game, I cannot think of a better way to spend 30 minutes.

My rating on this game changed from a two to five. I started out angry that it wasn’t the game I wanted it to be.

Now, I’m excited to play every chance I get.

It is not without problems, but that never got in the way of me having an incredible amount of fun.

Co-Op Arkade gives Dawn of War 3 a score of 5 out of 5.
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