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Co-op Arkade Weekly UpdateDawn of War 3

I’ve had a ton of fun recently playing Dawn of War 3.

So much so that it has moved up to my number one slot of current favorite PC games.

Dawn of War 3

Gotta catch them all!

I have unlocked almost all the Eldar.

The more I play, the more I find a striking resemblance with the tabletop version.

You must be sneaky and tricky with the Eldar. When used correctly, they can best any army.

However, using the units incorrectly nets in near instant death.

I had a recent loss demonstrate this effect. My team won the early game, and I started building a lot of wraithguard late game.

I was used to steamrolling over the enemy, but got over confident and pushed too far.

My wraithguard were caught out of position and suffered heavy losses due to numerous whirlwind artillery attacks at once.

With better scouting I could have prevented this loss.  I’m beginning to see the benefit to scouting with stealthed rangers and attacking from the flank with my vipers.


Since the Factorio .15 update, I’ve been playing that game with a buddy of mine online.

I do not understand how they can keep improving that game.  It has got to be the best early access campaign in Steam in history.

The developers keep on making amazing updates to what I would have called a finished game a year ago.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Our YouTube team just published another great video.  I am still holding off on buying Wildlands, I do not think I’ll enjoy it, but this video has me starting to change my mind.

Check it out here.

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