Co-op Arkade Weekly – Issue 3

With the help of my buddies, I have finally discovered how much fun Player Unknown Battlegrounds can be.

While I still hate the cheating in third person and the tactical plays it eliminates, I am still having fun.

I have also stuck to a firm policy of never picking up a pistol.

Call it OCD or whatever the reason, but I cannot bring myself to pick up a pistol. It has come back to bite me in games after that video.

I feel I must have a rifle or shotgun first, then I am allowed to grab a handgun.

Living the Dream

When I first found League of Legends over five years ago, I was so excited and told all my friends.

I got most of them to play, but only one friend was ever truly serious. Sure, I could join a group of strangers, but I wanted to play with my friends, not make new ones.

It has been one of my dreams to play in a full pre-made, 5 man team, working together and talking strategy, but I have come to realize that will never happen.

Enter the present day when I discover Dawn of War 3.  Read my review for more details, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

I loved it so much, that I bought it for my buddies hoping beyond hope that they would enjoy it. Could this be a MOBA where I can find a pre-made full team of three?

While I do not believe my friends are as madly in love as I am, I am living the full 3 man team, MOBA dream.

As much as I love simulations and deep strategy games, I cannot explain why the chaotic action in a MOBA appeals to me, but it does.

Check out footage from one of our recent livestreams below.

It is from the perspective of my buddy, Clix who recorded the games.  I’m the Eldar player who talks too much.

LordRed is the other player, who is typically Orcs.

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