Co-op Arkade Weekly – Issue 2

Co-op Arkade Weekly


While I love playing Farming Simulator, nothing beats the real thing.

This issue is a bit delayed because every year I go back to help out my dad.

The corn was already planted, but due to rain, we had some delay getting the soybeans in.

I finished up yesterday, but stopped to admire the corn that was already emerging.



This reminds me of the newest Farming Simulator DLC.

Big Bud!

I have not had much of a chance to play this DLC yet, I’ll eventually get around to a review.

Big Bud

Big Bud

I do hate Big Bud. He is so ugly, I do not enjoy driving either of the new tractors around.

Fortunately, the the DLC adds a lot and is much more than just tractors.

The other equipment can be driven by the other higher powered tractors in the game, so you can enjoy most of the pack even if you dislike Big Bud, like me.

Enjoy the images.

Big Bud Cultivator



Big Bud



As always, our partners over on the YouTube channel are producing excellent content.  I especially enjoyed this video by our resident survival gaming expert.



Friend’s First Factory

The above image is from a game I started with a buddy.

He disliked Factorio in the past, but I believed it was due to coming into the middle of a game with a large factory already running.

This time, we started fresh from scratch, I told him I’ll supply him all the materials he needs, just tell me where you want them.

Then, I tasked him with automating research.

So many times I wanted to change things around my way or offer advice, but since I kept my mouth shut, he learned to love this problem solving game.

If you haven’t played it yet, you need to. If only so your factories look prettier than this after 4 hours.


4 Hours Later

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