Co-op Arkade was started by a small group of friends that love to game together.

We originally started with a mind to do reviews, with me writing on this website, and the others doing YouTube videos.  I quickly realized I only enjoy writing about certain games, and it was hard to review anything else.

You can read more about my thoughts on the matter here.

Currently, I am doing what I love, and that is telling stories about my virtual farm.

You can also look me up on the best community website for Farming Simulator, FS-UK.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please use the contact form to get in touch.


Review Policy

All the games on this site were purchased by ourselves unless otherwise stated in the review. As a result, there tends to be a lot of positive reviews because it only makes sense to buy a game if I think I will enjoy it.

Generally, we do not talk about graphics unless there are major glitches or something you cannot easily see from the screenshots/videos provided by the publisher.

We understand that most everyone has a budget and value is subjective, but if not otherwise stated in the review, you can expect a satisfying amount of play-time based on the purchase price.

We try to look past bugs when assigning a rating, especially from a proven developer, because we assume they will eventually be fixed.  However, we do our best to note them in the review.

Rating Scale


  1. NO!  Just run away and don’t ever look back.
  2.  Subpar. The game has some redeeming qualities, but not enough to be worthwhile for most people.
  3.  Average. Some may love it, some may hate it. Not the best, not the worst. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. You get the idea.
  4.  Pretty good. Lots of fun, but something is keeping it from perfection.
  5. AMAZING! Go buy it. We cannot imagine the game being any more fun. May cause sleep deprivation.

Originally, we wanted to avoid number ratings, but it does give a quick summary of our thoughts, and sometimes, that is all the reader wants. We strive for simplicity with a 5 point scale. Our goal is to convey what we think of the game, without trying to determine the difference between 87 or 84.

Currently, we have 3 people at Co-op Arkade that performs reviews. Often we will team up and do a video review and written review. The score from the written review will be averaged with the score from the video review and that average will be Co-op Arcade’s official score.  That is the only time you will see decimal points in our scores.

I like to think of our scale as a “fun factor”.

For example, a score of 5 does not necessarily mean perfection. Rather, our highest rating is awarded to games that are incredibly fun, and its few flaws do not get in the way of that fun.

Again, it is impossible to be objective in this business, our goal is to provide another perspective for you when deciding to purchase a game.

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